Cumberland Times-News

Op-Ed: Capito Shows Contempt for Us

Read it here.


New Radio Ad: Capito in Bed with Big Corporations

A new radio ad began running today on WDHC 92.9 Down Home Country in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

It claims that Congresswoman Capito is in bed with the big corporations in Washington, D.C. while ignoring the needs of her constituents back home.

Check out the story and audio here.

Journal Letter: Capito Should Resign

Russell Mokhiber’s letter to the Martinsburg Journal today.

Shelley Capito Meet Joe Bageant

Morgan County, West Virginia’s own Joe Bageant has written a remarkable new book.

It’s called¬†Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir.

His previous book was¬†Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America’s Class War.

Bageant’s grandparents were subsistence farmers.

Spending at most $100 a year.

But in two generations, subsistence farmers were wiped out.

Replaced by a white underclass living in grinding poverty.

How did that happen?

Read the story and see the videos here.


Charleston Gazette Op-Ed

Check out this morning’s Charleston Gazette Op-Ed on Capito — here.

Capito and the Shame of Poverty

I’m running ten miles in each of eighteen counties in Shelley Moore Capito’s district.

As of today, I’ve run in nine out of the eighteen counties.

Yes, I’m halfway home.

It’s been an eye opener.

Yes, it’s a beautiful district.

It’s also a poor district.

This week, I met a Vietnam vet outside of a Sheetz.

Asking for money.

See his story and video here.

Capito, Coca-Cola and Hampshire County

Ran ten miles in Hampshire County yesterday.

Came across a Coca Cola sign at Hampshire High School.

Check out the video and story here.