Millionaire Capito and Poverty in West Virginia

Why does Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito not give a damn about the poor and uninsured in her district?

One reason might be this — according to her most recent financial disclosure form, she’s a millionaire.

While the vast majority of the people in her district are not.

Read the full story here.


One Comment on “Millionaire Capito and Poverty in West Virginia”

  1. cfmusic7 says:

    Capito, like many other politicians, was not a millionaire before they started dipping into the public money trough. The fact is that most government workers are tapping into the taxpayers money via jobs working as so called public servants. This fact is true at all levels…local, state and national. All facets of all governments could be cut to fifty percent and most likely would be far more efficient than they are now.

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