Capito Votes Harm State

Barbara Tutor puts it this way:

“Capito consistently votes against the health and welfare of West Virginians with votes favoring Big Coal, Oil and Gas.”

“She seems to believe voters elected her to keep government off the backs of monopolists who plunder our state by shoveling mountaintops into valley streams and fracking shale with poisons that pollute our air, water and land, while providing road services for their monster trucks.”

Check out Tutor’s letter to the editor of the Morgan Messenger here.



One Comment on “Capito Votes Harm State”

  1. cfmusic7 says:

    I have read Tutor’s letter to the editor regarding Capito’s cozy relationships and do agree with many of her views. However, the fact remains that the corporate interests in raping our natural resources is totally out of control and the political companions are so on the take that virtually nothing can be done about it. The entire world is in a free fall and only those who understand this fact will survive it.

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