Capito Resign is a web page set up by citizens of the Second Congressional District of West Virginia.

Shelley Moore Capito is our Congresswoman.

And we want her to resign.


We are gathering signatures on a petition urging her to resign.

Because she puts the interests of corporate America ahead of those of her constituents.

Most egregiously, she has sided with big insurance corporations and voted to in effect repeal Medicare.

And she sided with the big banks and Wall Street and is working feverishly to weaken the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

We are collecting signatures on a petition.

And we will be campaigning for her resignation in all 17 counties in the district.

Contact: russellmokhiber@gmail.com


2 Comments on “About”

  1. There’s nothing I’d want more than for Representative Capito to resign. Thanks for bringing this campaign to light, even if the stubborn congresswoman won’t do what we want.

  2. NWheeler says:

    Where is Shelley? Why is she not visiting the counties she represents to hear personally from her constituents? What good is her “mobile office” if her representative can’t/won’t discuss legislative issues?

    If Russell willingly takes his vacation time to visit the 18 counties in her congressional district, why can’t she during her vacation break?

    Please, someone tell me, the last time Shelley has been in Morgan County to hear your concerns.

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