Should Capito Be Trading Bank Stocks?

Should Congresswoman Capito be trading bank stocks?

No says a conservative author.

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Capito Resign Campaign Hits Occupy Martinsburg

The Capito Resign campaign hit Occupy Martinsburg this afternoon.

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Capito Votes Harm State

Barbara Tutor puts it this way:

“Capito consistently votes against the health and welfare of West Virginians with votes favoring Big Coal, Oil and Gas.”

“She seems to believe voters elected her to keep government off the backs of monopolists who plunder our state by shoveling mountaintops into valley streams and fracking shale with poisons that pollute our air, water and land, while providing road services for their monster trucks.”

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Capito, Corn Dogs and the Civility Ratio

Congresswoman Capito is co-founder of the Civility Caucus in the House of Representatives.

But she has a really bad civility ratio.

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Capito’s Really Bad Idea

Congresswoman Capito has floated a really bad idea.

Linking revenues from offshore oil drilling to road paving here in West Virginia.

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Capito Calm Cool Collected Front Girl for Citigroup

Congresswoman is a calm, cool, collected front girl for Citigroup.

She professes to promote the community banks, which are the financial lifeblood of her district.

But in fact, when it comes to community banks versus big banks, she’s with the big banks.

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Capito is a Fracker — and It Pays

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia) is a fracker. And it pays.

The word fracking doesn’t appear on her web site. But she’s all for it.

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