Sign the Petition

If you live in the Second Congressional District  of West Virginia, sign the petition here urging Congresswoman Capito to resign.


12 Comments on “Sign the Petition”

  1. Carolyn Steinla says:

    Capito has got to go!!!!!!!

  2. greg says:

    It’s Time

  3. James Sikes says:

    Capito is living proof: term limits needed!

  4. George says:

    I can not understand why West Virginian’s reelect this tea party republican party zealist, as she consistantly supports corporate interests regardless of the harmful consequences for West Virginian’s. She manages to stay low profile, but you’ll see her in photo ops with the like of Mich McConnell and Bohenner and Cannter. West Virginian’s live on the margin, and we need our Social Security to survive. How can she allow corporate interests to eliminate and reduce benifits, throwing tens of thousands of us into poverity and early death? Let’s get rid of this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  5. Jack Robertson says:

    I can not understand how some people who will suffer if Capito is successful still vote for her. She MUST be stopped. There are two ways this can happen. Number one is that she resign! This is the fastest and should happen now. If she will not do so (and I don’t think she will) we must vote her out of office.

  6. Larry Miller says:

    Shelly “Bush” Capito doesn’t represent West Virginia, she represents the Rich and out of touch Republicans. She is nothing like here father Arch Moore who actually remembered that he was of working class heritage.

  7. Lawrence Nuckles says:

    Shelly Capito is nothing but a pawn for the rich……………she must GO

  8. Judith Hall says:

    Shelly Moore Capito needs to go. If she doesn’t go on her own then don’t vote for her next time – I ask a simple favor – remember the promises you made during your campaign…..

  9. TIM WEBBER says:

    CAPITO voted against paper ballot backup–against campaign money being shown to the public– against future funding of military personel for homes that could go deliquent–and the list goes on. CAPITO HAS TO GO !!!!! but the big one is SHE VOTED FOR CONGRESS TO GET PAID EVEN IF THE GOVERENMENT SHUT DOWN,, AND THEN CAME OUT GRANDSTANDING A FEW WEEKS LATER SAYING SHE WAS GOING TO GIVE HER PAYCHECK BACK…..ALL I CAN SAY IS HOW PATHETIC

  10. Lisa Moyers says:

    Thought you were for the people of West Virginia. I guess when you get older and don’t work you won’t need the money that the rest of us do. You are a lucky one. Take care of our elderly and veterans. I will vote differently in the next election. YOU will NOT get my vote again.

  11. cfmusic7 says:

    Capito is an opportunist as are most politicians. However, any politician who supported the Bush Doctrine is, in my view, a war-monger and and needs to be held accountable for helping to bring about a “hate America” era that has crippled our standing around the world. In addition, our personal liberties have been eroded as a result of the “war on terror” campaign which is, in my opinion, nothing but a “spread the fear effort orchestrated by the elite and the managed news agents. The time has come where there is a need for an Independent Party emerging from the common people and where special interests will have less influence in our government.

  12. Ed Ridgeway says:

    Congresswoman Capito has done a great job defending the big banks, big oil, the Bush administratons lies that got us into war that is costing us trillions of dollars we could be spending at home . But now she supports ending medicare and cutting social security. Just maybe that is the thing that will wake us West Virginians up and we will finally vote her out of office and we can elect someone that will represent the vast majority of us in this state!

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